The Missing Link

The wild cats have been herded and all your ducks are in a row.  On the surface, all components of your initiative look good.  But something is amiss.

Your change initiative is currently underway, you have invested in an OCM resource, your change plan is in place and your OCM resource has identified the change tasks they will deliver on–they are following a “best practices”  change model.  Your change actions are moving along as planned; however, you are not realizing the scale of transformation that you expected as a result of your change efforts.  Something is missing, but what?

We see this scenario play out time and again.  The change process is in order, but something is holding it back.  What is it?  It is the “missing link”.  To effect large scale change, the change program must include a solution for driving change throughout the organization and/or the stakeholder community.  The “missing link” here is the “change support infrastructure”.  It is imperative to enlist the aid of a network of supporters, who are strategically positioned, to effectively mobilize change across the organization.

Individuals in this support network cannot self-appoint or simply assume a change support role.  They must be appointed by change leads in collaboration with leadership.  They must be briefed, sworn-in and indoctrinated into their respective role.  You might wonder if this is realistic.  Yes, it is. We have mobilized change networks many times over to ensure teams are aware of an initiative, understand the expected outcome, and have what they need to transform or transition.  This network also provides feedback reassuring leadership that the initiative can and will sustain the “new-state” long after the program has concluded.  The change support network is what makes large-scale change successful; absence of this network is a disconnect and this disconnect can cause your change efforts to fail.


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