It’s All in a Name: Change Management versus Change Leadership

While Change Management defines a set of tools, behavior and mindset shift/course correction interventions, and an overarching strategic, time-phased roll-out plan, Change Leadership defines the synergy and enthusiasm needed to shift mindsets and to mobilize forces within an organization.  Change Management is often viewed as a more tactical delivery of “change tools” whereas Change Leadership is “owning” and evangelizing the change with the intention of mobilizing the organization’s internal people resources.

Change leaders commit to the end vision and coach their staff on how to get there.  Companies typically hire an external, consultant resource to fill a Change Management role while Change Leaders are brought up from within the organization.  A job title alone does not qualify someone to assume a Change Leadership role. These individuals must be key influencers and respected within the organization as they will stay the course and set the stage for a future-state, “change agile” culture.


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