What is Change Management Anyway?

A people-focused engagement and alignment campaign, Change Management is most often used when an organization is integrating a new process, tool, or technology. However, Change Management can also jump start and drive a culture transformation. A “change” campaign is aligned with a company’s future state vision and integrates and compliments the company’s project timeline, project plan and project methodology. True transformational benefits are realized when “change” efforts are supported by an organization’s executive staff and/or executive leadership team.  The primary goal of “change” is to align, energize, and mobilize stakeholders.  The desired output or outcome is “minimal disruption to business” and a “smooth transition, adoption and cutover” to the new future state.

Companies face a daunting task when stakeholder numbers range in the thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands.  How do you achieve critical mass and mobilize all of those employees to ensure they are prepared for “change”?  Your expert Change Practitioner should know.  You want your business to run smoothly and maintain momentum pre-project, during project implementation, and post project–after the project cuts over, and sustaining.


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