About Avenir

 AvenirCL is a change management consulting firm founded by individuals with extensive experience in leading change. We have guided small teams moving through developmental change through organizations undertaking large-scale transformation. We consistently deliver value to our clients in industries such as SaaS/Cloud, ISP, Technology, Life Sciences and Utilities.

The vision for AvenirCL originated from the founders’ desire to overcome common scenarios which were consistently observed throughout their combined decades of change leadership consulting.   We selected the following as the most frequently encountered of those scenarios.

Lesson #1 – Getting to the Right Result 

The practice of Change Leadership is a combination of knowing the ‘tools’ that are available and in being able to apply those tools to the situation to attain maximum client value.

No one change philosophy is right; no one change philosophy is wrong. While understanding a variety of philosophies is most certainly desirable, the ability to engage in conversation about those philosophies is far from possessing the competency to execute an effective change program.

More often than one would care to admit, the individual who is selected to lead the charge is not equipped to do so.  This individual may have the philosophy committed to memory, and a number of tools at his/her disposal, but the knowledge of how to utilize the tools to the client’s full advantage, that is, effectively lead the change to derive optimum value, is missing.

AvenirCL consistently delivers the outcome our clients expect.  Just take a look at our track record!

Lesson #2 – The Practice of Change is Agnostic

When approached with a change project, we are frequently asked about our specific industry or technology experience. We perceive this as part of the screening criteria for human resources as it has little bearing on the value the change program will deliver.

Change is about people, and your change practitioner is accountable for enabling the workforce to move with ease into the new environment. A strong change consultant will additionally have an aptitude for technology (without being technology-specific), along with solid process, program and project management experience or knowledge.

Lesson #3 – Change is About People

Project management will deliver the technical change, and change leadership will integrate and align with the project roadmap to equip individuals with the information, skills, tools, etc. required to implement and sustain the change. Both project and change management holistically contribute to realizing the vision and anticipated benefits.

Our Change Leadership approach focuses on preparing individuals to apply new skills, information and tools within their job role once the change is implemented. Regular readiness assessments provide indicators of where the change actions are working well and where course adjustments may be needed to more effectively influence behavior or culture shifts, or increase facilitation of the new way of working.


To learn more about our approach and Change Leadership Playbook, contact us at support@avenircl.com.