At AvenirCL we integrate Change Leadership/Change Management in a meaningful way.  Our approach is flexible and adaptive to your company’s culture.  We ensure that every individual on your staff is “business ready” for the developmental, transitional, or transformational change and that your organization is operationally ready to evolve.

What’s in a Name?

We opted for the name “Avenir Change Leadership”  because we believe we are on the breaking-edge, the future, the “to be”, of the Change Management/Change Leadership evolution.

Change Management defines a set of tools, behavior and mindset-shift/course correction interventions, skillfully executed throughout a project life-cycle or a time-phased roll-out plan while Change Leadership defines the synergy and enthusiasm needed to shift those mindsets and mobilize those forces within an organization.  Change Management is viewed as the tactical use of “change tools” (typically performed by an outside expert who is brought in to the company), whereas Change Leadership is “owning” and “evangelizing” the change with the primary intention of mobilizing an organization’s people resources.  Change “leaders” are internal company resources that commit to the end vision and coach their teams on how to get there.

It is our belief that companies will continue to embrace Change Management until “change” becomes an inherent part of their organization’s culture; hence, the migration or evolutionary path of Change Management leading into Change Leadership.  Once this occurs, the focus will then shift to enabling key, internal influencers to lead the change.